Restoration of teeth

Restoration of teeth in Kharkiv

Every person would like to have a broad and sincere smile, unfortunately, not all people are born with a beautiful Hollywood smile. There can be both congenital defects and irregular surface of teeth and acquired defects, resulting, for example, from dental abrasion or caries. As the years pass, the enamel becomes darker, and the teeth often turn yellow. In all these cases the artistic restoration of teeth will help you to return a confident smile.

This method allows restoring the teeth to their natural shape. Besides, the restored teeth do not differ in color from the adjacent teeth. The restoration of teeth is performed with the help of modern light cured materials when the dentist puts the material in thin layers and exposes them to the ultraviolet radiation of a particular photopolymerizing lamp. It allows giving a natural look to the tooth enamel.

This technique allows not only to improve the shape and color of teeth but sometimes to correct the bite during a single visit with the help of experienced dentists of our clinic. If you want to have your teeth restored in Kharkov, we recommend you to turn to our clinic. Regardless of your decision, be attentive when choosing a dentist for this procedure as the quality of its performance directly depends on the dentist’s skills.

In practice, the price for teeth restoration is much lower than the price for some prosthetic and whitening procedures; the teeth restoration also makes it possible to repair a tooth during one visit, saving your time. Another advantage is that the tooth remains living and continues to take part in the metabolic processes of an oral cavity.

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