Veneers in Kharkiv: a modern method of making the teeth beautiful

Few people are born with ideal even white teeth. Most of Hollywood smiles are the result of visits to the dentist. Nowadays there are quite a lot of methods of correcting almost all dental defects. One of the fastest, most painless and efficient means is veneer installation. This procedure has recently appeared in Kharkiv, but a lot of clients have already noticed the advantages of porcelain plates on the teeth. Let’s see when the veneers are useful and how much they cost (this service is offered in many dental clinics of Kharkiv, so we’ll take the average cost).

установка виниров на зубы в Харькове

Three distinct advantages of veneers

Veneers are fragile ceramic plates (not more than 0.7 mm). They are glued to the enamel to correct the teeth color, shape, and beautiful imperfections. They can be fixed to one tooth or all teeth. In Kharkiv the price for veneers is less than for porcelain fused to metal crowns, besides, their production takes less time, and it is easier to install them. Veneers also have the following advantages:

  1. Their installation and fixation brings no discomfort as only the upper layer of enamel is involved.
  2. Veneers can give any color and shape to the teeth, correct maldentition.
  3. The plate material is resistant to the environmental factors. Veneers do not lose their color because of eating particular food or nicotine use.

Indications for veneer installation

применение виниров

Naturally, veneers are not used in Kharkiv as a universal remedy for all problems with dental aesthetics. Veneers are most efficient when:

  • the tooth is chipped;
  • the tooth changes its color;
  • the tooth shape must be corrected;
  • there are wedge-shaped defects;
  • in a case of the abnormal cutter location;
  • after coloring with tetracycline;
  • in the process of enamel genesis.

It is considered to be an express-method of aesthetic dentistry because only three visits to the dentist can help you to forget about your problems for many years. To compare: the dental braces must be worn for several years. Besides, it is less expensive to install veneers than dental braces in Kharkiv.

Prices for veneers in Kharkiv

The cost of veneer installation is individual and depends on the following factors:

  1. Types of veneers. Direct veneers are cheaper than indirect ones.
  2. Material. Porcelain veneers are the most popular ones, their price in Kharkiv starting with 3500 UAH; zirconium dioxide veneers are the most expensive.
  3. Individual peculiarities.

Characteristics of veneer installation in Kharkiv

виниры до и после

Veneering as a method of aesthetic dentistry is famous all over the world. Nowadays you can obtain a long-expected-for charming smile in Nadezhda clinic, spending just a little time and money. We offer direct and indirect veneers. In the first case, the tooth correction takes place in the dentist’s office during the first visit. The dentist uses a composite plate and bonding agent (glue). The indirect veneer installation requires making several visits to the dentist (2-3), as the plates are produced in the dental laboratory for each patient individually.

Porcelain veneers are strong and durable; they resist load when chewing. However, the most durable plates are made of zirconium dioxide. They are recommended for men as the pressure on their jaws is higher in comparison with the women. These veneers are a bit more expensive in Kharkiv, but the price is justified. They are adamant, have an aesthetic look and are considered the most hi-tech, as they can give exactly the desired color and shape to the tooth.

If you have any questions about veneer installation in Kharkiv, turn to the specialists of our clinic, and they will give you details about the procedure and calculate its cost for you individually.

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