The prosthetic department of our dental office in Kharkiv mainly focuses on making the patients’ teeth beautiful and healthy. Our patients’ basic requirements for prosthetics in Kharkiv are efficiency, safety and a natural look of dentures. The technique of both removable and non-removable prosthetics is used.

Removable dentures

Removable Prosthetics offers dentures, removed for a night and the sake of cleaning. Non-removable prosthetics provides dentures which are permanently installed in the oral cavity. The price for removable dentures in Kharkiv is quite reasonable.

Our clinic in Kharkiv offers all types of dental prosthetics and implantation. The use of modern technologies allows to quickly and correctly choose the ideal size, shape, and color of a new tooth. You should not forget about hygiene; the removable dentures need constant care. However, some patients do not like removable dentures and choose porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Unfortunately, there are some dental diseases which allow using only removable dentures because dental implantation with such clinical parameters is contraindicated. Non-removable prosthetics is quite popular because the dentures are reliably fixed in the patient’s mouth, and there is no need to remove them.

A dental prosthesis in our dental office in Kharkiv is based on two principles. First, the technologies, safe and harmless both for the teeth and for the whole patient’s organism, are used. Second, we are meticulous about healthy teeth. A dental prosthesis in Kharkiv is characterized by the use of high-quality materials. In its turn, it helps to make a denture of high quality which will be robust and durable and will not differ from the natural teeth.

Dental prosthetics in our dental office in Kharkiv will make your smile compelling.

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