Price list of services

Dental servicePrice (UAH)

  • Tooth X-ray100
  • Soft deposit removal (one jaw)100
  • Removal of dental deposits (by means of Air Flow unit and ultrasound) (both jaws)1000
  • Remineralizing therapy of one tooth200
  • Fissure sealing of one tooth400
  • Removing the anchor pinот 350
  • Anesthesia:
    • Application anesthesia50
    • Infiltration anesthesia150
    • Nerve block anesthesia150
  • Dental dam application100
  • Photopolymer dental filling (side)500
  • Photopolymer dental filling (front)600
  • Tooth filling of glass ionomer cement (Japan, Germany)350
  • Pulp cap100
  • Temporary filling100
  • Medicamental and instrumental treatment of one root canal with the help of endomotor250
  • Ultrasound treatment of one root canal50
  • Obturation of one root canal by gutta-percha pins (lateral condensation)200
  • Unfilling of one root canal startingот 100
  • Foreign body removal from the root canal startingот 200
  • Closure of tooth perforation200
  • Fixation of fiberglass pin350
  • Whitening:
    • Home whitening with individual splints (2 jaws)3500
  • Early caries treatment without cavity preparation by ICON material (1 tooth)800
  • Teeth fluoridation (1 jaw)100
  • Vector-therapy (periodontitis treatment – 2 treatment sessions)2500
  • Imlantation of dental enamel with Innodent1800
  • Deep cleansing with periodontitis (ultrasound, Profiflex, polishing)1000
  • Professional cleaning of two jaws by ultrasound, polishing500
  • Professional cleaning of two jaws with Air Flow (Kavo), polishing500

DenturesPrice (UAH)

  • Dental cast model (2 jaws)500
  • Porcelain fused to metal crownот 2500
  • Metal-free porcelain crownот 6000
  • Veneer startingот 6000
  • Bugel denture startingот 7500
  • Removable dentures startingот 3000
  • Metal crownот 500
  • Acryl veneer crownот 400
  • Whole piece crownот 600
  • Bite plate600
  • Immediate denture (cosmetic purpose)500
  • Inlay1000
  • Rehabilitation on implants startingот 5200
  • Crown removalот 100
  • Splint for treating tooth grinding1000

Surgical dentistryPrice (UAH)

  • Simple extraction of a permanent tooth startingот 500
  • Complex extraction of a permanent tooth startingот 1000
  • Milk tooth extraction startingот 200
  • Tooth hood excision startingот 200
  • Frenulum ectomy startingот 700

Orthodontology (bite correction)Price (UAH)

  • Bite correction by removable units (plate) startingот 2000
  • Metal braces (1 jaw) startingот 8000
  • Porcelain/Sapphire braces (1 jaw)10000-11000
  • Self-ligating braces (1 jaw) starting15000
  • Subsequent visit (correction, activation)(1 jaw)300
  • Repeated brace fixation (1 unit)400
  • Unremovable retainer (1 jaw)2000
  • Orthodontic consultation200
  • Diagnostic models500

Prices for dental services in Kharkiv

Forget about the terrible sound of the dentist’s drill and other horrors which occur to you when you hear about a visit to the dentist. Modern dental office, “Nadezhda”, offers you different services, related to the prosthetic rehabilitation and teeth treatment, with the use of the newest medical equipment, allowing to reduce discomfort from certain procedures.

The prices mentioned above for dental services in Nadezhda clinic are affordable and allow to benefit from the services of highly qualified specialists, ready to extract and treat your teeth or make a prosthetic appliance for them. Our dental office has a price list, including a wide range of different dental services at attractive prices.

Apart from the teeth treatment, we make prosthetic appliances for them, besides you have a chance to decorate your teeth or treat the gums. Different whitening and tartar removal procedures will help you to beam with an ultra white smile and anesthesia will save you from pain during a particular procedure.

Our dental office, the prices of which are given below, is notable not only for the high professionalism of our staff (dentists, nurses, anesthesiologists) but its pleasant atmosphere, helping you to relax in the dentist’s chair and give a broad smile.

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