Helpful information

Patient alert card

First visit to the clinic:

  • Try to choose a day when you can come to the clinic.
  • The time of attendance and frequency of revisits may differ, so it is better to agree on these parameters with your dentist. If you are late or fail to come, please inform us about it by phone.
  • It is strictly prohibited to take alcohol on the day of your visit to the dentist!
  • Don't plan active recreation and intensive work after dental treatment.
  • You should postpone your visit to the dentist in case of acute viral and bacterial respiratory tract infections, nasal stuffiness, even if it is inconsiderable and is not accompanied by a fever, as well as in the case of a herpetic eruption.
  • Women should not visit the dentist during menstruation.

Before visiting the dentist, it is advised to:

  • Have a substantial meal;
  • Perform usual hygienic procedures: brush the teeth and clean them with a dental floss.

Before the first visit you'll be asked to fill in a form.

To this end, you should recollect:

  • The Past and concurrent diseases;
  • Drug intolerance and allergic reactions
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