Bite correction

It is of particular importance to care about the state of the child’s dentomaxillary system when the milk teeth are replaced by the permanent ones, i.e. from 5-7 to 12-14 years. During this period there can develop a problem with the child’s bite. In this case, it is necessary to consult the pediatric orthodontist (Kharkiv) to determine the tactic and strategy of solving this problem.

Almost 90% of people have crooked teeth or an abnormal bite. Besides, one-third of them need orthodontic treatment of teeth and virtually all of them turn to the dentists for the dental alignment or bite correction. The crooked teeth have a bad impact on the man’s destiny, creating psychological complexes, the abnormal bite can result in frequent headaches, cause gum diseases, caries, complicate prosthetic rehabilitation, so it is necessary to use dental braces.

Dental braces price

You can learn dental braces price in Kharkiv from our price list. The success of orthodontic treatment depends on the correct diagnosis, i.e. correct determination of problem. The orthodontist’s experience and practical use of knowledge are of primary importance, so do come to Nadezhda dental office in Kharkiv to install dental braces.

The orthodontic treatment price includes:

first, the cost of equipment and materials (dental braces, arches, dental glue, different accessories, and consumables);
second, the cost of the orthodontist’s work, depending on his/her qualification.

The prices for dental braces installation in Kharkiv depend both on the used materials and how modern their design is. The Chinese products, widely represented in the market, do not stand up to scrutiny. As a rule, standard models have an old model, the treatment takes more time and is less comfortable for the patient. In fact, dental braces are like a precision instrument where just a few microns can make it inefficient or even useless; it is not possible to correct all bite pathologies with the help of outdated equipment.

At the same time, the newest technologies allow to minimize the treatment time and reduce discomfort. Proper sterilization is also of extreme importance nowadays; it can be provided only in a modern dental clinic with the help of specialized equipment.

And finally, the most important factor, affecting the quality of orthodontic treatment, is the dentist’s qualification. The dentist needs to perfect himself/herself continually, learn new techniques, train on new equipment, pass certification exams, share the experience at the international congresses of orthodontists. If you look for a dental office to install dental braces and the price of dental braces installation is critical for you, please, come to Nadezhda dental office. Our specialists provide high quality at reasonable prices.

If you turn to the pediatric orthodontist in Kharkov in time, it will help you to save time and money and avoid the development of undesired psychological complexes in your child.

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