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teeth cleaning

Ultrasonic brushing is carried out to maintain the health of the gums, preserve the beauty of the smile. Experienced dentists recommend performing this procedure at least once a year. Thanks to modern equipment, tartar is removed even in the most inaccessible places. In this case, the patient does not experience the slightest pain. Teeth cleaning in Kharkov can be carried out in a dental office at a bargain price. To register for the procedure, just call the specified number. The cost of ultrasonic brushing is acceptable for all patients.

Benefits of cleaning Air Flow

Professional toothbrushing in Kharkov is very popular. The procedure is in demand among clients due to numerous advantages:

  • safety;
  • lack of discomfort;
  • accessibility: the price of ultrasonic toothbrushing allows you to carry out the procedure regularly.

Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth and Air Flow has not only a cleansing, but also a whitening effect. By removing pigmentation, plaque returns a natural shade of enamel. In most cases, after the procedure, the teeth look lighter by one tone. During the cleaning process, the dentist directs the nozzle of the device only to hard tissues that are not sensitive. Air Flow is carried out not only for prevention, but also before bleaching and prosthetics.

Air Flow Ultrasonic Cleaning Features

Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth Air Flow is one of the most popular hygiene procedures. The presence of pigmented soft coating is the main indication for its implementation. Ultrasonic toothbrushing is good because tooth enamel is not damaged during processing. The thing is that this method does not provide mechanical effects on the teeth, gums. Despite the many advantages, the price of brushing your teeth in Kharkov makes the procedure affordable.

Ultrasonic cleaning of Air Flow is quick and efficient. During the procedure, a finely dispersed mixture of air, water and baking soda is fed to the patient’s teeth surface under high pressure. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth in Kharkov of this type has a soft polishing effect. Using this method, you can clean not only the front surface of the teeth, but also the interdental spaces. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth can be carried out even if lumineers, veneers, crowns are present in the patient’s oral cavity.

Recommendations to patients

During the week after cleaning, it is recommended to stop drinking coffee, drinks with dyes, and smoking. Oral hygiene should be carried out using dental floss. It is advisable to complete the meal with an apple or other fruits, vegetables. This procedure is contraindicated in children under 2 years of age, in patients suffering from arrhythmia, severe forms of chronic diseases.

After professional brushing, your teeth look more beautiful and healthier. You can find out the price of toothbrushing in Kharkov from a representative of the dental office. The procedure is carried out using the best materials, which allows to achieve an excellent effect even in difficult cases.

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