Hygiene and prevention

Tooth state and appearance is an element of human health and beauty. Coffee, cigarettes, irregular hygienic procedures are the reasons to dental plaque accumulation and tooth darkening. And they may result in caries, fetor oris, parodontosis.

In this case you can turn for hygienic ultrasonic tooth cleaning in Kharkov.

Professional tooth cleaning in Kharkov can be performed by means of an ultrasonic scaler. It is characteristic of this method that calculus is removed under the impact of ultrasound. As a result, all dental plaque is removed, and tooth tissue is cooled by a water spray in the process of cleaning.

It is not recommended to use this method for children younger than 2 years, people with severe chronic diseases and suffering from arrhythmia as well.

Air Flow method

The air flow method of tooth cleaning is characterized by removing dental plaque via small particles of aero-aquatic-powder blend, which provide a mechanical impact. After this procedure the volume of reflected light rays increases, thus making the teeth look brighter.

The hygienic tooth cleaning with the help of air flow apparatus is a painless procedure. It quickly removes calculus. The price for this procedure of tooth cleaning is low, so it is widely used.

The professional ultrasonic tooth cleaning (Kharkov) allows to completely remove calculus, wipe out bacteria, improve the state of gums.

After any of these procedures it is necessary to polish the tooth surface and to apply a special tooth paste strengthening the enamel.

Specialists recommend the hygienic tooth cleaning at least 1-2 times a year.