Dental services for children


Gone are the days when the removal or treatment of teeth in a child was so painful that going to the pediatric dentist was perceived as torture. Parents want the baby not to be afraid of doctors, trust them, calmly sit down in a chair and leave the office with a smile.

In pediatric dentistry “Nadezhda” in Kharkov do not treat teeth with forced child retention. Our goal is to identify the problem at the very early stage of its development, to conduct the right treatment without bringing psychological trauma to the patient.

Why take care of baby teeth

After decay, the milk tooth loses the function of chewing food. A focus of infection appears in it, which leads to pain. Without proper treatment, a damaged milk tooth will negatively affect the formation of permanent teeth. It is simply necessary for the baby to carry out sanitation of the oral cavity!

Children's dentists “Nadezhda” in Kharkov have special skills in psychological support and adaptation of young patients who already have negative experience with doctors in the past. Effective methods are aimed at stopping fear, understanding by the child when it will hurt during the manipulation, and when not.

The list of services in Kharkov from pediatric dentistry “Nadezhda”

Within the walls of our clinic, we offer a full range of services for pediatric dentistry at affordable prices:

  1. Preventive measures associated with sealing fissures, enamel coating with fluoride varnish, brushing and silvering of teeth.
  2. Surgeon services, when in pediatric dentistry operations are performed to remove permanent and primary teeth, plastic frenum, opening of abscesses.
  3. Therapeutic services aimed at the treatment of caries, pulpitis or periodontitis, restoration of damaged teeth.
  4. Orthodontics. In children's dentistry in Kharkov, Nadezhda successfully copes with malocclusion problems, jagged teeth, and other flaws.

You need to visit a doctor 3-4 times a year. In the presence of chronic diseases, deviations identified by the therapist, the frequency of visits to the doctor may vary.

Technical and interior equipment of the clinic

Our children's dentistry in Kharkov has modern European equipment for the treatment of the oral cavity in children. Doctors use modern approaches in treatment, turning communication with the child into an exciting game. In the end, small patients receive a pleasant prize. We help not only to cure your child’s teeth, but also make visiting a dental office a routine for him. Like, for example, visiting a sports section or going to the hairdresser.

Light sedatives, friendly staff, a special interior, favorite cartoons and a cozy atmosphere – our patients are not afraid of dentists. Parents who are waiting for their children in pediatric dentistry can spend maximum time using WiFi or browsing through magazines.

Sign up for a preliminary consultation, examination to find out about all treatment options and prices for pediatric dentistry in Kharkov. We give a guarantee for the whole range of services. The fillings delivered by us will last until the change of teeth, most importantly, come on time for preventive examinations.

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