Dental services for children

A pediadontist — care of the child’s teeth

A pediadontist takes into account some peculiarities of the child’s dentofacial abnormalities. As it is widely known, the mechanism of children dental diseases radically differs from that of adults. However, a pediadontist should take into account its close interconnection with the child’s general conditions, processes of development and growth. In this area, dental services for children are inextricably connected with pediatrics.

When to start the prevention of children dental diseases – a pediadontist’s advice

It is important to note that the prevention of children dental diseases is to be started during the period of embryofoetal development. During pregnancy, certain changes in the future mother’s body can result in a violation of the fetus structure or shape of the organs.

It includes breach of the process of tooth bud formation and mineralization in childhood. In case of any violations, the enamel of the child’s temporary and permanent teeth will develop inadequately and therefore will be subject to caries. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to start the prevention of caries during the period of pregnancy using the mother’s sensible and balanced diet.

Besides caries, children often have periodontal diseases, which develop under the impact of various internal and external factors. The main reasons of such diseases are dental anomalies, an abnormal bite, endocrine disorders and children diseases. A pediatrician plays one of the most important roles in timely diagnostics of these diseases.

It is much more pleasant and cheap to prevent than to cure any disease. Is it necessary to add any more about the use of preventive medical examination by the pediatric dentist and orthodontist in Kharkiv?