Metal-free ceramics

Metal-free ceramics for dental prosthetics. Compressed crowns made of E-max ceramics and crowns without metal made of zirconium in Kharkov.

Metal-free ceramics for dental crowns. Extruded ceramic E-max crowns and metalless zirconium crowns

non-metal ceramicsCeramics that do not contain metal (consisting of zirconium and aluminum) or non-metal ceramics are one of the most advanced technologies for dental prosthetics, and this type of prosthetics is in great demand. The peculiarity of this crown is that it is made from a special ceramic material, which has tremendous strength and excellently resists mechanical damage. A small percentage of the addition of metal is not excluded. One of the main advantages of such a crown is its overall appearance.

With the development of innovative technologies in dentistry, plus clinics that deal with this type of prosthetics (all information can be found on our website), they also try to follow new trends. Thanks to this, today it is possible to install ceramic crowns devoid of metal alloys. The basis of such a crown, as mentioned above, is a chemical compound of zirconium and aluminum.

These substances are widely used in dentistry because of their qualities. They resist mechanical damage well, are durable, transparent, do not harm health and look beautiful. The skeleton, which is made from a compound of zirconium or aluminum, is not inferior to similar metal crowns in its reliability and strength, and due to its natural color it practically does not differ from real teeth.

The sequence of work in the manufacture and installation of zirconium crowns:

  • computer scanning and laser processing of the area on which the crown will be installed;
  • creating a model of the future crown frame using special programs;
  • data transfer to a special digital milling machine, which makes the frame of the future crown from a single piece of zirconium;
  • for strength, the machined crown is subjected to heat treatment at high temperatures;

After completing these works, the dentist technician applies a ceramic coating layer by layer to the core of the future crown.

non-metal ceramics 1The main advantages of a non-metal ceramic crown:

  1. does not change color and does not stain;
  2. excellent fit at the edges, achieved through computer simulation;
  3. does not irritate the gum, due to the fact that the materials from which it is made are perfectly combined with the oral cavity biologically;
  4. there is no metal frame, because of this the crown is completely similar to a natural tooth;
  5. small specific gravity, as a result of which the load on the teeth themselves is reduced.

On the Internet, you can easily find more detailed information about this type of crowns, also see photos, evaluate its appearance and advantages. To see how the model of the crown on the cast or the finished result looks like. You can also easily find out information about prosthetics, price, etc. from our consultants. Estimated cost of such non-metal ceramics in Kharkov is two or two and a half thousand hryvnias.

If you are interested in this type of metal-free ceramic crowns made of zirconium or aluminum alloys, then welcome to our dental clinic Nadezhda. Look, choose the best, because only professionals with experience can entrust such an installation. Believe me, the quality and price of non-metal ceramics will exceed all your expectations. With it, you can easily forget about yellowed teeth, faded and worn damask or metal crowns. The strength of the zirconium or aluminum crown will not cause you doubt. Your smile will be natural and attractive.

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