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Nadezhda dental clinic has a modern equipment for treatment and diagnostics.

  • Dental units “Galit” (Italy) with inbuilt ultrasound scalers “Mectron” (Italy), dental lights “Faro” (Italy), endo motor with apex locators “Geosoft”, light curing lamps “Degulux” (Germany).
  • Autoclave “Melag” (Germany), dry heat sterilizer “Tau-steril” (Italy), ultraviolet exposure boxes “Ultraviol” (Italy), bactericidal recirculators “Violet”;
  • Dental X-ray unit “Xgenus” (Italy);
  • The systems of air conditioning, positive-pressure ventilation and water treatment.

Dentist in Kharkiv

Note that the private dentist is not a luxury but a reasonable choice of the person who cares about his health and image. The days when having perfect teeth was considered as a privilege of TV presenters and actors are in the past. Today those who have “golden jaw” can not easily find a good job or move the job ladder upwards.

The mostly asked by the dental services consumers is the question of how long the process of having teeth attended to will take. For example, you can make an appointment with a qualified dentist in Kharkov – here each person will get individual attention.

So finally you have found a professional dentist, who you trust. Further, it ‘d be good to ask about his qualifications, which is defined by categories: the highest, first, second. Also, there is also another important criterion – how often the doctor upgrades his professional skills. As you know, their skills should be updated every five years because the technology changes every day, and everything may be fundamentally different in 5 years.

When you use services of a good dentist in Kharkov, more specifically, in the Nadezhda dental center, where the best specialists work, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about the health of your teeth anymore.

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